Cadiz City Sets World Rabies Awareness Day Dog Walk 2017

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has declared every 28th of September as World Rabies Day.

Cadiz City commemorated this event with a WORLD RABIES AWARENESS DAY DOG WALK 2017 last Sept. 30, with the theme “RABIES FREE NEGROS BY 2020”.

Assembly and on-site registration was at 6AM at the Children’s Playground and then converged at the Cadiz City Hall.

Mayor Patrick G. Escalante, the City Government of Cadiz, City Veterinarian Dr. Josue R. Rabang and the City Veterinary Office spearheaded the dog walk in partnership with the Responsible Dog Owners of Cadiz City (RDOCC) through its president Joeffrey E. Miravalles and Robert P. Cabalfin of the Negros Pawductions.

Dr. Rabang and the veterinary staff together with the City Rabies Prevention and Control Committee has already started a massive Information and Education Campaign (IEC) on Republic Act 9482 (Anti-Rabies Act of 2007) in various barangays and schools in the outskirts and city proper. An audio-visual presentation is shown to the schools and barangays with flyers given out to help them understand better what Rabies is all about. The mascot Super Dog accompanies the team in its campaign.

In line with this, the organizers aim to promote awareness to the community on “The Responsibilities of a Pet Owner, The Wrong Misconceptions about Rabies and What is RABIES” with a talk during the program after the dog walk.

Pre-registration is on-going at the Cadiz City Veterinary Office, Daga Barangay Hall, Zyprime Security Agency, Sharjah Store and RDOCC.

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