Ceres Negros FC Wins 5-0 vs Ilocos United

Continuing their campaign in the Philippines Football League (PFL), the busmen added points to climb up to the standings as they beat Ilocos-United 5-0 in last Saturday’s match. Coach Ian Gillan of Ilocos said that he has high respect to the Ceres Club and in his opinion they have played the best squad in the league.

BEFORE THE 5TH GOAL – Ceres Negros FC Mid-Fielder Stephan Shröck passed by Ilocos United Goal Keeper to score and seal 5-0 win at home.*(Owen Segovia Bayog/NDB photo)

During the pre-game confab Gillan also told the press that in his opinion, Ceres Negros FC is the best team and would probably win the tournament and represent the country in the AFC and other leagues ahead. Coach Gillan also added that he observed that Ceres has a good club, wonderful support and has an awesome venue.

Coach Risto Vidakovic says he so proud of the squad even without some players were not able to see action in the game. The home squad is deprived of rest, being away from family and loved ones, as they have to play successive games. “They deserve to win”, Vidakovic added.

The busmen are set to be back in action as they play Kaya at Panaad Park and Stadium in October 14.* (OSBayog)


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