Felixian School Saves Coeds

The closure of Don Felix Montinola Memorial College in March 2015, in Victorias, Negros Occidental moved its alumni all over the world to respond immediately to the plea of students and parents to open a school for them. Thus, the Felixian Academy was organized and absorbed the students so they will not drop from school. Classes started on time at the opening of school year 2015-2016 for first year to fourth year levels.

Edna Winna Hernandez (2nd from right), head of Felixian Academy, briefs Elizabeth Jocson (3rd from right), the operation of computer classes of the school considering that Grande Computer Outreach & Training Center is now linked with the school for the hardware servicing classes. Looking on are (left to rigth), Raylan Mondragon of Grande, School Principal; Ma. Theresa Nacionales, and Perla Claro (far right).* (Edith B. Colmo)

Led by Edna Wina Hernandez, the alumni have chipped in for the construction of the 4-classroom building, with administration office, located a few distance away from their alma mater. She said, “Actually, the College has existed 64 years, but due to the ailing chairman of the Board, Mr. Rolando Fermin Sr., the family preferred to close the school.”

The Felixian Academy offers subjects integrated with the K to 12 program of the Department of Education (DepEd), handled by eight teachers and school principal Ma. Theresa Nacionales. More so that Grande Computer Outreach and Training Center has linked with the Academy through its founder, Engr. Eddie Granada who is also an alumni of the Don Felix College. Even out of school youths can learn hardware servicing at the Academy.

However, Ms. Hernandez is appealing to the alumni of Don Felix Montinola Memorial College elsewhere, to help the Felixian Academy as it is a school out of the sentiments of the alumni. Helping the school is saving the children’s education, Hernandez said.*



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