Electronz, Candes Lead Trios Bowling Friendship Cup

The PLS Electronz of Pat Mendoza and Candles/Alimon RMED anchored by Melot Alimon are currently leading in their respective categories in the ongoing 2015 Sharp “Friendship Cup” Bowling Tournament at theTop’s Plaza Bowling Lanes in Bacolod City last Friday.

After round 5, team Electronz garnered a total score of 4,831 pin falls followed by Sharp 1 with 4,687 pfs and Davies 1 with 4,646 pfs in the rated category. Trailing behind are Joe’s Team, Canvil Knights, TNT/NPBC, Solid Strikers, and NPBC RJ Stars.

In the non-rated group, Candles-led Alimon is ahead by 10 pfs against Davies 2; while FRM/Sharp has to work its way up with 101 pfs behind the #1 team. Looking to make a good run on the next round are Sharp 2, Rapha 2, Rapha 1, Sanyo/Haier, and SJHS-B’72.

Rapha 2 currently holds the highest team single and triple with 393 and 1,053 respectively. Only 3 teams will advance in the step-ladder finals of each category on October 23.

Meanwhile, there will be a MassKara trios fun games open for teams in Bacolod and Negros Occidental which is set to unfold at Top’s Plaza Bowling Lanes tomorrow starting at 2PM.* (JGToga)