4 Killed, 2 Injured in Family Feud

Four persons were killed and two others were injured when two families clashed at Quezon Street in Barangay 1 Poblacion, in Barangay 4 in Moises Padilla town, which started Tuesday night and ended yesterday morning.

Police Chief Inspector Allan Reloj, Moises Padilla PNP chief, identified the victims as Kerwin Labiga Royo, 22; Kagawad Ernesto “Estoy” Royo, 56, of Barangay 1, uncle of Kerwin; James Labiga, 28, “Alias Saycan” of Barangay 1 and 5-year-old Michael John Mirano of Barangay 4.

Injured were Esperijon Mol Royo, 20 and Fritz Labiga Royo, 27, all of Barangay 1, Reloj said in an interview.

Reloj said the first incident happened around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Quezon Street in Barangay 1 Poblacion in the town where James Labiga, “Alias Saycan,” a butcher came from the town’s slaughterhouse in Barangay 3 after a drinking session with companions and went home after he claimed he was not feeling well.

He allegedly passed by the house of Esteban Empanto together with his nephew, Debrick Labiga where Kerwin Royo was having a drinking spree with a relative identified as Esperijon Mol Royo, 20, single, a labourer, also of Barangay 1, Moises Padilla town.

James Labiga reportedly smashed the bamboo fence of Royo’s house that angered the latter who then stabbed him.

Esperijon was also injured as both were rushed to the Isabela District Hospital.

Kerwin sustained a stab wound on his lower armpit. Both are cousins because the mother of Royo is a Labiga.

Labiga immediately fled but he hid in the house of his friend Michael Redella Mirano, 27, father of John Michael Villafuerte Mirano, a few distance away from Barangay 4.

Police conducted hot pursuit operation against James Labiga who is still at-large.

Reloj said that Royo is a “police problem” in the town because of his behaviour when under the influence of liquor.

About 5:40 a.m. yesterday, Kagawad Ernesto Royo, uncle of Kerwin and Kerwin’s brother, Fritz Labiga Royo went to a house where James Labiga was hiding, in the house of Mirano without informing the police that James Labiga was hiding there.

Kagawad Ernesto Royo, upon seeing James Labiga, shot him using a firearm but Michael John Mirano was hit in the nape causing his death because James Labia used him as human shield.

Labiga then rushed to Kagawad Ernesto Royo and fatally stabbed him with a butcher’s knife. But he was also stabbed by Fritz Labiga Royo causing his death.

Fritz Labiga Royo escaped and also Michael Mirano, father of John Michael.

Police is filing charges in court.*(Cyrus M. Garde)


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