2 Communist Leaders Nabbed in Kabankalan Transported to Military Camp in Luzon

The two top leaders of the communist movement who were nabbed in Kabankalan City Thursday were reportedly transported to a military camp in Metro Manila.

Militants from Negros revealed this yesterday, and also told the media although the two were not the ones believed by the military to be communist leaders, authorities reportedly refuse to acknowledge their real identities, they added.

Earlier, the Philippine Army reported that at about 1:30 Thursday afternoon, two national leaders of the communist terrorists were apprehended through the joint law enforcement operation at Poblacion in Kabankalan.

With the combined efforts of the Army Intelligence Unit, 6CIDG, and 303rd Infantry Brigade, communist terrorist leaders Aurora Cayon alias Lilay and Louie Antonio Martinez alias Louie Castro were arrested by virtue of criminal case numbers 3278 (robbery with violence or intimidation of person) and 3279 (arson), and criminal case numbers 4575 (murder) and 4574 (multiple attempted murder), respectively.

Both wanted terrorists were identified as top leaders of the communist terrorists.

Recovered from the two suspects were cal. 45 pistol with live ammunition and a hand grenade. They were immediately brought to CIDG-Bacolod for proper disposition.

Col. Eliezer L Losañes, the Commander of 303rd Infantry Brigade, said that, “we had information about high ranking leaders of CPP lurking within Negros so we alerted our intel units to monitor and locate the said personalities. Fortunately, we receive an information regarding their whereabouts so we waste no time and take action.”

Losañes added “this is the fruit of the collective cooperation of the people who are feed up of the terror and lies that these person espouse. Their presence were immediately reported to the government law enforcers in the area. This is a clear message that they are already losing people’s support.”

He also stress out that, “we are grateful to the peace-loving people of Negros for their full and active support to our law enforcers. Thus, we are encouraging everyone to continue to support our program in order for us to maintain the peace and spur economic development in the whole island of Negros”.*(AFP PR w/reports from APT)