Mayor Aims to Strengthen Bacolod Ties with China

Mayor Evelio Leonardia said Bacolod is looking forward to having stronger ties with China, citing his own long-standing relationship with Chinese embassy officials.

BACOLOD MAYOR Evelio Leonardia with Consul General Shi Yong of the Peoples Republic of China.*

“Over the years, I have had the privilege of having interacted with the officials of the People’s Republic of China, and may I say that of all the consuls that I dealt with, the one I find more comfortable with and have a long, substantive, and deep exchanges I think, is with Consul Shi Yong,” Leonardia said at the luncheon meeting at the Bacolod City Government Center Saturday [Oct. 28] that the city government hosted for Consul General Shi Yong and vice consul Qin Sing Jong.

“On the basis of our short but very interesting business conversation, we are looking forward that the relationship between Bacolod and the People’s Republic of China will blossom,” Leonardia added.

“This is a city that is committed to restoring business confidence,” the mayor stressed.

Yong and Jong visited Bacolod City and Victorias City over the weekend to explore future investments and strengthen bilateral relations.

The Bacolod luncheon party was also attended by Councilors Cindy Rojas, Em Ang, Renecito Novero, and Bartolome Orola, City Administrator John Orola, City Hall department heads and officials, Filipino-Chinese businessmen in Bacolod, and Chinese schools officials.

Leonardia said that when he attended a business conference of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Industry recently, where Bacolod vied for the Most Business-Friendly LGU Award, he realized that one of the areas where they are supposed to push business is on the matter of faith missions.

“With this now, having known you Sir personally, I think there is no doubt about it. If ever we have a faith mission it would be no other but in China,” Leonardia told Yong.

“I likewise believe that when we talk about diplomacy -while it is about country to country or city to city - the personal relationship will still play a big role. So here, having started with a very good personal relationship, we believe that our relationship with China will also grow a long, long way,” Leonardia added.

“We would like to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, that is why if there are things I wish to do to connect Bacolod to China, I think there is no better time to do that than now, while Mr. Shi Yong is still the consul of China,” the mayor added.

Yong, for his part, said that as China and the Philippines strengthen their relations, they want to bring more investments and cooperation programs to Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.

Yong said, “I totally agree with Mayor Bing that we have a closer relationship between Bacolod and various regions in China. It is my task to bring Bacolod more closer with China.”*


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