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Cane Points: Hatchet Job on Paner

A few days after former Sugar Regulatory Administrator Anna Rosario Paner's resignation from her post was reported in the media, Cane Points got word that somebody did a hatcher job on her.

Paner was allegedly eased out because of her immovable stand on the importation of high fructose corn syrup.

Cane Points: Paner's HFCS Victory Spelled Her Demise?

Ormoc City's Hermie Serafica, the planters representative to the Sugar Board, was reportedly appointed by President Duterte as the next Sugar Regulatory Administrator.

The Sugar Alliance of the Philippines originally recommended its spokesman, Atty. Dino Yulo, to fill the post vacated by Atty. Anna Rosario Paner with her resignation two weeks ago. Sugar leaders manifested that they would also be happy even if it is Hermie, the recommendee of Agri Sec Manny Pi?ol and Sen. Migz Zubiri, who would be appointed.

From the Editor in Chief: The ND-NDB Perspective

From the Editor-in-Chief

NDB’s 57th Year

The Negros Bulletin, which was born in the early 60s as a weekly paper and became a daily publication in 1994 after 72 years of struggle and sacrifice, is one big story of faith, dedication and endurance.

Its founding father Lino V. Moles, the late novelist in the vernacular, newspaperman and bi-lingual journalist (English and Hiligaynon), tapped the business acumen of his partner Santiago S. Alacapa who had good relations in the business sector of the city as a top insurance underwriter as his business manager and partner.

NDB Ed-in-Chief Pert Toga Sr.