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Commentary: Traffic – Garbage and Flooding in the City

Among the things I have observed in Bacolod City recently are the past issues on Traffic Management, Garbage Control, Collection and Flooding in the City. Some quarters have hurled these issues and were hell bent to change these as soon as they win in the elections. Yes, we could not expect results overnight, but after a year, can we really say that things have changed?

THE FLOOD CONTROL TEAM of the City takes off a huge amount of garbage from the sewerage which was not able to solve flooding in the area.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Commentary: Reasons to Complain

(Just my thoughts)

You pay for what is called unlimited internet and you get slow and capped connection.

Electricity bills gets higher and so does the frequency of power interruption and blackouts.

You pay for potable water, but it’s dangerous to drink from your faucet – worst is… sometimes there is no water coming out!

Pay taxes and have someone steal it…

Owen Segovia Bayog is Negros Daily Bulletin Photojournalist and writer.* Paul Del Castillo CMO/PIO Bacolod photo)