The Meat of the Matter

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Icons of Culture Must Be Respected

POSITION INDICATION OF MORALITY AND CORRECTNESS. Councilor Carl Lopez should be deeply essential insofar as the beautiful but ugly structure in the public plaza is concerned. By having the imposing imitation copied from a building in England built, it was an essential disservice and an affront to essential Filipino culture and a historical landmark in the city.

Societal Ulcers Serve as Warning for Possible Political Explosion in the Future

COULD BE INDICATED BY PETITIONS, PROTESTS. The declaration issued by National Democratic Front Negros (NDF-Negros) spokesman, former priest Ka Frank Fernandez, is but like many declarations in the past about societal ills and political ulcers, so to speak, but grave indications of a warning that government must seriously head, or this could lead to a more serious form of upheaval-armed struggle or revolution.

Fernandez cited the primary cases of land conflicts in Negros Island, covering far Southern Negros and the adjacent towns which border Hinobaan and Sipalay towns, particularly in the Damutan Valley’s forestal but fertilizer-rich areas.

Better Said Than Done – Defy the NPA

BUSINESSMEN DO NOT THINK ALONG THAT LINE. In the aftermath of the punitive operation carried out by the guerrillas of the New People’s Army (NPA) Sunday night, June 15, there have been loud noises urging sugar mills and businessmen in the province not to "supposedly give in to extortion attempts" or demands of the rebels.

Retired General Expresses Reservations on Supposed More Than 1000 AK-47S

SEEMS IMPLAUSIBLE. A retired army general we talked to, has expressed reservations about the supposed sale and purchase by New People’s Army (NPA) guerrillas of over allegedly 1,000 AK-47 rifles purchased by security agencies legally, abroad and but sold to the NPA leadership mainly in Mindanao.