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** 'FLYOVER USELESS IF...' From 0955177...: Hello NDB just delete my number... If BTAO-Bacolod PNP-enforcers cannot prohibit Punta Taytay-Sum-ag-Aljis-Tangub passenger jeepneys from parking infront of Grand Regal Hotel along Araneta street opposite Gaisano City mall, then the usefulness of the flyover will go to the dogs. Untouchable gid bala ya ang mga PUJs dira nga ginaupdan na sang mga barker nga astig, kuno? Okon, talawit lang ang mga enforcer? Matyag ko talawit mga enforcer dira sa atubang grand regal hotel kag gaisano city!

Our family cherished memories

As my wife and I update our family cherished memories, this essay briefly encapsulizes our lives and that of our children and grandchildren. Hence, I have looked at the entire panorama of my family and career above all as essentially a search for a meaningful life worth living. From the earliest years, one basic question had been deeply lodged in my life: “Why am I here?” What is the meaning of my life especially after growing older and learning more about my existence?

Our Golden Wedding Anniversary 2011

Prayers and Education play important role in life

Prayers and education really play important role in one’s life.

Yes, they do. I have a story to tell you!

When you are down with problems, it’s as if you do not know how to survive. There are also times when you seem to surrender, as if you do not know what to do.

But thanks, prayers work wonders when you call on God for His Loving kindness in that time of turmoil. HE is ready to answer your prayers at all times.

From the Editor-in-Chief: Sacrifices and Success in Life

From the Editor-in-Chief

There are many words but only one could best describe my early life being the son of a struggling family of seven children whose only hope for survival is ‘hand-to-mouth’ existence through hard labor day in and day out: POVERTY.

How we survived this deep-seated poverty through the years that impoverished our lives as a family working together under an atmosphere of sufferings, helped us surmount the seemingly indestructible odds with faith in our hearts, was a story in itself.

II was born poor and miserable from a family whose roots were among the poorest of the poor, my father being a sickly calesa driver who could hardly earn enough to meet our daily meals, most often had to skip one or two meals a day, thus often dubbed “one day-one eat”.