Jomax Ortiz

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A Touch of Singapore in Organiclandia Salben

The well-trimmed, tree-lined roadways of Singapore, that look like a well, is quite inspiring as much as Cano "Guwapo" Tan’s Campuestohan in Talisay City.

Salben Mayor Jose "Jomax" Ortiz said this recently in Bacolod while instructing his men to prepare plant species for his municipality’s ongoing drive to export plant seedlings with a different version than Singapore’s.

Mayor Ortiz on Drug Testing, Culture of Fear

The anti-illegal drugs drive is a welcome Negros Occidental provincial government move and government officials should be the first in line to be random-checked, says Salvador Benedicto (SalBen) Mayor Jose "Jomax " Ortiz in an interview.

"Get out of Salvador Benedicto," was Ortiz stern warning to drug pushers, saying that he still has to see one such case.

Ortiz is encouraging any family whose child is an illegal drug victim to come out into the open for the necessary cure and not to be ashamed.

‘No Reason to be Mayor if My House can be Demolished from NNNP - Ortiz

Salvador Benedicto Mayor Jose "Jomax" Ortiz strongly stated in a recent interview in Bacolod that "if my house is demolished first from NNNP’s Multiple Use Zone, I will resign as Mayor."

At the same time, he assured his constituency in the vernacular - "Indi kamo mapahalin! I will help you in having these

areas at the Multiple Use Zone to be titled. I am only a simple man doing something that I believe I can do."

SalBen Mayor Proposes a Debate on One-Island Region

Salvador Benedicto (SalBen) lawyer-Mayor Jose "Jomax" S. Ortiz said that he will vote for the One-Island Region proposition of Negros Occidental Gov. Alfredo Marañon, Jr. but with some reservation.

Mayor Ortiz

"I reserve my vote. If you want a debate, mas maayo gid," he said in the vernacular. "I will vote for it, but we have to hear arguments on the pros and cons of the very controversial issue," Ortiz said.

Hesaid it was easier said than done and that an Executive Order, act of Congress, is needed, including a referendum on the matter.

"The big plus factor in the One-Island proposal," Ortiz emphasized, "is that processing of vital papers for everyone, now still done in Cebu or Iloilo regional offices, will be sped up as this will be carried out in Negros Occidental at the least effort, time and expense."

"One thing though that poses concern is whether all Negros Oriental officials really welcome the proposition especially that Negros Occidental has a bigger voting population," Ortiz added.