Our Golden Wedding Anniversary 2011: Personal Encounters Typhoon Coverage Ends in Harassment

An experience while performing my job in the media that I consider really unforgettable was after my coverage of Typhoon Undang.

One time, after taking photo shots on the damages of the typhoon, I proceeded to the market to buy some foods for viand. Due to the strong winds my umbrella was also destroyed, so I was wet by the heavy rains. The t-shirt I wore was also wet.

Upon entering the market, a man suddenly bumped the side of my right breast that moved my bra to the left. I quickly held his t-shirt and reprimanded him: “Better return this (pointing my bra), or else...”

Surprised by my action, the man took off his shirt and ran away, leaving his shirt in my hand.

I saw other vendors in the market stunned. I just threw his shirt in the garbage bin nearby.

Another incident in the public market was while I was canvassing prices of chicken, eggs and spices. At a distance, I saw a woman arguing with a man vending cigarettes. I did not take interest on it.

But when I reached near him, his trick asking me to buy his goods was simultaneous with his hand scratching my right arm and his finger stretched to my breast. I quickly whipped my right arm to his face and my left hand to his stomach that caused him to drop to the ground. I intended to step on his testicles while I pointed my long umbrella to his neck, but he shouted, “sorry Mam, I will not do it again.” The vendors around were clapping saying, “Ti man, kakita gid siya katapat. Amo na ginahimo nya di Mam sa mga babaye. (At last, he saw his par. That is what he always does to other women, Mam.)”

Then I sternly warned him: “If I see you upon my return, you will swim without water.”

The man immediately packed his items and left.

I pitied him but what he did was dangerous to women because he does not choose, whether young or old.*