Lensman Conducts Workshop

Negros Daily Bulletin (NDB) contributor, photojournalist Owen Bayog was resource speaker to the Cadiz City Information Management Unit Photojournalism seminar workshop held at the Cadiz CDC Hall last Saturday, September 15, 2017.

Photojournalist Owen Bayog was resource speaker for the Cadiz Information Management Unit Photojournalism Seminar Workshop last September 15, 2017 at the CDC Hall, Cadiz City. *(CIMU/CMO photo)

The workshop was focused on Basic Camera operations and a lecture on photojournalism, which was seen as a need for the office to expand knowledge and further enhance imaging and storytelling needs of the Information Office.

“It was a great opportunity for me having to be invited as resource speaker for the workshop and lecture for Cadiz”, Bayog said.

CIMU/CMO Head Celina Ibañez gave the Certificate of Appreciation to Photojournalist Owen Bayog. *(CIMU/CMO photo)

“The workshop was also a learning experience for me, the past experience having to work with Public Information Offices of Bacolod and Talisay cities provided the work samples which can be shared to others”, Bayog added.

CIMU Head Celina Ibañez thanked Bayog for the added experience and exposure on photography and photojournalism for the entire office. The group was able to do the lecture and was able to shoot photos in a given time and have it assessed by the whole group.

Photojournalism is not tied with the equipment used, technical skills, experience and storytelling are the keys to provide information and education to the viewers/readers – the visual impact of the photos provide distinct character to the story, Bayog said.*