'Observe Anti-smoking Law'

The Bacolod City government reiterates its call for the public to heed the city’s anti-smoking law.

According to city ordinance 641 smoking in the following areas in Bacolod City is prohibited- schools,parks and recreational areas, food preparations and brewery, elevators, gasoline stations and areas that are near a fire incident.

Smoking is also not allowed in hospitals, clinics, health centers and laboratories, buses and jeepneys, airports, piers and terminals, conference halls and malls, restaurants and in enclosed buildings and places.

Those who are caught will be penalized. For first offense a fine of P500, second offense a fine of P1, 000, third offense a fine of P2,500 or imprisonment for 30 days depending on the decision of the court.

The ordinance also provides the prohibition of selling cigarettes within 100 meter radius from schools, playground or recreational facilities.

Minors are are not allowed to smoke, sell or be given a cigarette.

Establishments that do not observe the ordinance will be penalized accordingly including possible cancellation of their business permit.

More than 15 violators have been apprehended in the city from July to August of this year.

Violations can be reported to police Hotline 911.*(JSC/Lljr-pia6)


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