Former Champs Stay Ahead in Inter-School Bowlfest Elims

With two rounds left in the bracketing finals, DLNHS D’Bounty Strikers managed to stay ahead of the pack in bracket A on September 11 of the ongoing 4th Inter-School Alumni Bowlfest 2016 at Negros Super Lanes, Bacolod City.

The second edition champions D’Bounty Strikers of Weng Juarez squeezed out a triple score of 1,517 pin falls.

But running second NOHS Alleygators anchored by Rey Boy rolled its high-scoring games in this set with 1,623 pfs to narrow down the pin difference by 67.

BCNHS Tigers and NOHS Pin Busters are keeping things tight with its set scores of 1,600 and 1,609.

Rounding up the elite bracket: D’Bounty Strikers - 4,728; Alleygators - 4,661; Tigers - 4,628; Pin Busters - 4,621; Shieldz - 4,521; BCNHS Conquerors - 4,440; NOHS Expendabowls - 4,287; NOHS Underdogs - 4,265; BCNHS Avengers - 4,208; and NOHS Suenos Salon Spa - 4,193.

In bracket B, BTTHS Bowlers led by powerhouse player Bob Yap flexed its muscles to claim the top spot with a total set score of 1,493.

Running second NOHS Unpredictabowls maintained its striking distance position with 1,493.

Completing this bracket: Bowlers - 4,448; Unpredictabowls - 4,441; NOHS Cowboys - 4,344; BCHS Warriors - 4,308; NOHS Palawud - 4,277; NOHS Great Friends - 4,257; BCHS Bowlcoholics - 4,240; DLNHS Bowl Shooters - 4,220; NOHS Cat Strikers - 4,201; DLNHS Strikers - 4,167; Poker - 4,139; and BSANHS Beginners - 3,731.

Current highest scores include: individual performance - Essho Garcia of Alleygators & Kareen Khubchand of Bowlers in pinning with 95 each, Johann Genolos of Tigers & Mae Memoracion of Shieldz in single game with 156 & 157, Genolos & Carmen Romales of Conquerors in triple game with 385 & 370; and

Team effort - Shieldz in single game with 598 & Underdogs in triple game with 1,656.

The twenty two five-man team bowlfest will play five rounds to determine the top six squads to advance in the next round.

Top seeded team in each bracket will be given a twice-to-beat advantage in the stepladder finals, while the non-qualifying teams will play one game for the consolation prize.

According to organizers chaired by Ms Noela Borja, one of the objective of the bowling festival is to promote physical fitness through bowling for a high level of well-being.

Games resumes on Sunday at 4PM.*