KASANAG Founder Vows to Do More For the Public

The founder-president of pro-peace and development civil society group KASANAG vows to help more people bring their concerns and get government actions for the latter’s welfare.

John Chiong who also heads Task Force Kasanag that helps prevent & fight corruption, also thanks those who prayed for the success of his 6-yr.-old daughter’s open heart surgery last week at the Phikippine Heart Center.

Chiong said while in Manila for her daughter’s surgery, he kept on following up the complaints and concerns of the public coursed through him, with the different national government offices and agencies.

He also managed to establish new linkages with more national government officials and agencies, he said.

Chiong said he also linked up with national media organizations to be able to strengthen KASANAG’s advocacies. He said with media as partner in promoting peace, development and in bringing the people’s concerns, the government as well as the private sector are compelled to act fast.*