6,346 Fruit Tree Seedlings Planted in Isabela

A total of 6, 346 seedlings of 15 different varieties of fruit trees (two for every household) were planted in the 16 barangays of the Municipality of Isabela.

TREE PLANTING. Isabela Mayor Joselito Malabor (sitting), Rihanna Therese Divinagracia, 8-year-old Grade 3 pupil with her mother Tracy Divinagracia, Victorino ‘Bitoy’ Siason, Chairman/President of Isabela Fruit Trees Project, SBM Rudy Fajardo, Barangay Captain Oscar Sancover of Brgy. Tinongan, November Canieso Yeo and Sigrid Lo (not in photo) of Bacolod Homeschoolers Network Inc., spearhead the planting of Philippine Lime Calamansi in the respective houses of Zone 4, Barangay Tinongan, Isabela town residents for their livelihood project and medicinal use.*(Jun de los Reyes/NDB photo)

It is the brainchild of a concerned private citizen, Victorino ‘Bitoy’ Siason in collaboration with November Canieso Yeo who is in charge of social media of the Isabela Negros Occidental Fruit Trees Project.

Isabela Mayor Joselito Y. Malabor highly appreciates the concern of the private sector initiated by Mr. Siason and Ms. Yeo. The Mayor also expressed elation for the benefits the residents of the barangays can avail for their livelihood and nutrition.

Philippine Lime fruit (calamansi ) is used in many dishes and its juice is very high in Vitamin C. Its leaves are host to many butterfly species and its fragrant flowers a source of essential oil.

Bacolod Homeschoolers’ Network (BHSN) headed by Sigrid Lo with more than 20 students and their parents held a caravan from Bacolod City down to Isabela and planted 186 seedlings of Philippine Lime Tree (calamansi) in Zone 4 with 900 households of Barangay Tinongan with a total population of 6,000 from Zone 1 to Zone 5 in the Municipality of Isabela.

Lo said, “The kids with their parents are being taught at their younger age the importance and significance of environmental and socio-economic impact to the people in planting fruit trees. How to prepare and plant fruit trees is one of their activities every month.”

BHSN is a non-profit organization of families who are either already homeschooling their children or are planning to start their homeschooling program with the aim to network with other families “so that we can provide extra curricular activities for homeschooled children.” They are committed to hold at least a once a month meet up based on a particular theme to enhance the kids’ learning experience as well as build friendships with their homeschoolmates.

Kinds of fruit trees and number of seedlings planted in Barangays of Isabela are; Barangays in Riverside (Rambutan 1,316), Cabcab (Lanzones 100), Amin (Cashew 100) Camp Clark (Atis 350), Libas (Marang 100), Sebukawan (Jackfruit 700), Sikatuna ( Durian 100), Makilignit (Abiu100), Banog-banog (Abiu 350), Tinongan (Calamansi 700), Buhangin (Chico 100) Camang-camang (Kabugao 100), Mansablay (Cacao 350), Casalongon (Coffee 750); Brgy San Agustin (Guyabano 800) and Brgy. Lima-lima (Mangosteen 100).*( Jun de los Reyes)


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