‘Crime Volume in Bacolod Drops’

The Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) reports that the crime volume in Bacolod has dropped.

Record shows, according to PSupt. Levy Pangue of BCPO, that in 2014 the crime volume was 5,677 but dropped to 3,5006 in 2015, another drop to 3,304 in 2016, also dropped to 2,403 and for the period January to August of 2017.

The highest crime committed was crime against property, recorded in 2014 - 2,145; 649 in 2015; 559 in 2016 and 506 in 2017.

Also, for theft, the highest commission was in 2014 which is 1207, but dropped in 2015 to 515; 2016 was 415 and 2017 is 332.

On the other hand, the Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 reports the result of the police anti-drug campaign: for the period July 1, 2016 to September 19, 2017, a total of 438, 184 households were visited, 20, 836 personally appeared at different police stations in the provinces, 1, 487 operations were conducted 2, 088 arrested and 35 individuals died in police operations. These anti-illegal drug campaigns of the region are Double Barrel, Double Barrel Alpha and the Double Barrel Reloaded/Tokhang Reboot.

However, PRO 6 Regional Director Cesar Hawthorne Binag, recognizes the important role of the family, the school, the church and the entire community in fighting illegal drugs and criminality. Hence, PRO6 is asking for the cooperation of the family, the school, the church and the community to prevent the proliferation of drug abuse, crime and other illegal activities. In the family, parents play very important role in inculcating to their children good customs, practice, habit and others. The schools where the youths are molded to become responsible citizens of the country; the church provides moral and spiritual guidance to the people; while the community work collectively and share the responsibility in ensuring public safety and security.*(Edith B.Colmo)



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