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MOVIE REVIEW: Godzilla Achieved ‘Stardom’ in Hollywood

Movie audience loudly expressed bewilderment as the "Philippines" is flashed during the opening scenes of the 2014 movie "Godzilla". Hovering above the mountain thickets of the Philippines, the camera is focused on a helicopter which appeared to be inspecting a huge mining excavation where one portion was discovered to be an archaeological site of a fossilized giant creature skeleton situated in an area stored with uranium deposits.


Two important characters disembarked, the tensed, anxiety laden character who did not express a tinge of smile for the entire movie, Dr. Ishiro Seriwaza (Ken Watanabe) and his assistant, Viviene Graham (Sally Hawkins). They discovered two asexual spores apparently habitating with the fossilized gigantic creature, one crawled its way to a Japanese Island housing the Janjira Nuclear Power Plant and the other found its way among the nuclear waste deposit of Mount Yucca Nuclear Waste Repository.