Patrick Jay Pangilinan

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Dissenting View By Patrick Jay Pangilinan » Expectation vs. Reality

C. S. Lewis was recently quoted in a motivational radio talk show to the effect that, "love shouldn't just be an affectionate feeling, but, rather an active attitude to help the loved person reach his or her ultimate potential."

That definition supposedly came from one of the greatest minds in the realm of science fiction, philosophy and mathematics. Quite stoic, ain't it? So for those of you who might be feeling cheesy by virtue of that line, please, sober up -- you're inviting me to feel a bit cheesy, too.

Dissenting View By Patrick Jay Pangilinan » Mocha and other drugs

Many people express the sentiment that the so-called maintenance medicine seem to be a cross that has to be borne by whomsoever had that life altering experience of having a physician scribble a host of 'til-death-do-us-part drugs into a prescription pad and point them towards the appropriate pharmacy.

Such sentiment is not entirely misplaced given the prices of many pharmaceutical products, which, public knowledge have taught us, are driven by, inter alia, advertising, bureaucratic red tape, and more nebulous person-to-person transactions that would be best left in the periphery, lest we invite the ire of the persons basking in those nebulous affairs.